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What's for dinner?

dinner plate

A time honored tradition at PYC. Every friday night the clan gathers for dinner, with members taking turns providing the food, and cleaning up afterwards. A charge of $5-10 depending on the meal covers the cost of the food and provides funds to run the club. Dinner is typically from 6:30-7:30. . Please make reservations so we know how many will be eating with us.  It helps us how much food we need and ensure the club isn't stuck with large food bill and not enough bodies to eat it.  The answering machine for the club's will also have each Friday's dinner menu. That's 650.369.4410.

Emilio Cooking

We need someone to be responsibile for each dinner, an assistant, and at least two clean-up volunteers  The person in charge picks the menu, purchases the food and prepares it.  Out of pocket costs get reimbursed that evening.  The assistant helps prepare and serve the food. The clean-up volunteers clean the serving dishes, wash down the table, wash any dishes and clean the galley.  It would be nice to have a volunteer bartender at each dinner. Cleanup usually starts after 8:00 PM.

DinnerWe always need volunteers for cook's assistants and clean up. Please contact one of our officers or write yourself in on the sign up sheet by the Bar on the Pillar in front of it.




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